JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN NATURAL SCIENCES 2017-05-20T00:00:00+00:00 Chief Editor Open Journal Systems An open access, scholarly, online, peer-reviewed, monthly, fully refereed International journal. IMPACT OF MINERALFORMATION ON RESTORATION OF THE SOIL STRUCTURE IN NAKHCHIVAN AR AND GEOGRAPHICAL SPREADING LEGITIMACY. 2017-05-19T07:52:50+00:00 RAE. Z.H. Aliyev <p>The silt fractions have a great impact in soil structural formation. If the soil forming rocks don’t disturb, crush and weather, the soil forming processes on them occur weakly, the organic substances cause formation of the loamy stratums without completely turning. This mostly influences the initial soil forming layers. The reproduction minerals in these soils cause initial minerals majority by occurring weakly. If these processes occur quickly then they cause a gradual increase of the reproduction minerals and reduction of the initial minerals.</p> <p>The heights of the zones where the geographical spreading of such stratums is situated depend on levels.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> 2017-05-15T08:50:27+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## CHALLENGE OF WATER SHORTAGE IN THE WORLD AND AZERBAIJAN AND SCIENTIFIC PRACTICAL SOLUTION 2017-05-19T07:55:44+00:00 RAE. Z.H. Aliyev <p>The rapid growth in world population and limitation of soil and water resources have caused major problem for human nutrition security in the world. only 3% of water resources are fresh water.&nbsp; Accoding to the FAO report, if in the&nbsp; any&nbsp; country&nbsp; Amount&nbsp; of&nbsp; fresh&nbsp; water&nbsp; is&nbsp; less&nbsp; than 1700m<sup>3</sup>&nbsp;&nbsp; per capita, this country is faced to serous water shortage. At the present, in the 22 countries share of fresh water per capita is less than 100m<sup>3</sup>and in the 18 countries is more than 2000m<sup>3</sup>. Therefore, Azerbaijan is one of the countries which have faced serous water shortage.</p> 2017-05-19T07:55:44+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Intelligent irrigation management in mountainous agriculture in AzerbaijanIntellectual 2017-05-19T07:59:17+00:00 RAE. Z.H. Aliyev <p><strong>:</strong> This article examines the current state of soil and water resources, farmland Azerbaijan Republic , the problem of progressive water and wind soil degradation , the need for the organization of agriculture , taking into account the introduction of automated control systems for irrigation using water saving technology and hardware equipment in it, the study of the characteristics and analysis of experience implementing measures to stabilize ecological and drainage system of agriculture in conditions of insufficient moisture areas in the country , as well as basic aspects of development of environmental reclamation approach balanced, rational use of a particular system of crop rotation and crop . taking into account the requirements of economic development and environmental management.</p> 2017-05-19T07:59:17+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##