Effect of annealing on creep behavior, hardness, roughness and electrochemical corrosion parameters of Co- Cr based alloy

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A. El Bediwi Eman Kashita Salah. M M.Salman


In the present work, the effect of annealing on creep behavior, hardness, maximum shear stress, roughness and electrochemical corrosion parameters of commercial Co64Cr29Mo6.5A0.5 (A= C, Si, Fe, and Mn) dental alloy from Travagliato (BS) - Italy have been studied and analyzed.  Creep behavior was studied by indentation and stress exponent was determined by Mulheam-Tabor method.  The results show that, Vickers hardness of Co64Cr29Mo6.5A0.5 alloy decreased but roughness parameters varied after annealing for two hours at 700, 800 and 900 °C.  Also the corrosion resistance in 0.5M HCl of Co64Cr29Mo6.5A0.5 alloy is increased but the corrosion rate with 0.5M HCl is decreased after annealing compared to normal alloy.


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