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George Jandieri Anzor Gvelesiani Zhuzhuna Diasamidze Mzia Diasamidze Irma Takidze


General dispersion equation has been obtained for three-dimensional electromagnetic planetary waves, from which follows, as particular case Khantadze results in one-dimension case. It was shown that partial magnetic field line freezing-in as in one-dimension case lead to the excitation of both “fast” and “slow” planetary waves, in two-liquid approximation (i.e. at ion drag by neutral particles) they are represent oscillations of magnetized electrons and partially magnetized ions in E region of the ionosphere. In F region of the ionosphere using one-liquid approximation only “fast” planetary wave will be generated representing oscillation of medium as a whole. Hence, it was shown that three-dimension magnetogradient planetary waves are exist in all components of the ionosphere, and as exact solutions, with well-known slow short-wave MHD waves, are simple mathematical consequence of the MHD equations for the ionosphere.


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