A Solutıon Algorıthm for Interval Transportatıon Problems vıa Tıme-Cost Tradeoff

  • Inci Albayrak Yildiz Technical University
  • Mustafa SÄ°vri Yildiz Technical University
  • Gizem Temelcan Yildiz Technical University
Keywords: time-cost tradeoff, transportation problem, interval linear programming, decision making


In this paper, an algorithm for solving interval time-cost tradeoff transportation problemsis presented. In this problem, all the demands are defined as intervalto determine more realistic duration and cost. Mathematical methods can be used to convert the time-cost tradeoff problems to linear programming, integer programming, dynamic programming, goal programming or multi-objective linear programming problems for determining the optimum duration and cost. Using this approach, the algorithm is developed converting interval time-cost tradeoff transportation problem to the linear programming problem by taking into consideration of decision maker (DM).


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