The Non-homogeneous Groshev Convergence theorem for Diophantine Approximation on Manifolds

  • Faiza Akram Nanjing University of Science and Technology


This paper is based on Khintchine theorem, Groshev theorem and measure and dimension theorems for non-degenerate manifolds. The inhomogeneous Diophantine approximation of Groshev type on manifolds is studied. Major work is to discuss the inhomogeneous convergent theory of Diophantine approximation restricted to non-degenerate manifold in , based on the proof of Barker-Sprindzuk conjecture, the homogeneous theory of Diophantine approximation and inhomogeneous Groshev type theory for Diophantine approximation, by the decomposition of the set in manifold, with the aid of Borel Cantell lemma and transformation of lemma and its properties and the main inhomogeneous conversion principle, we know these two types of set in sense of Lebesgue measure is zero provided that the convergent sum condition is satisfied, from which several conclusions about the inhomogeneous convergent theory of Diophantine approximation is obtained. The main result is that Lebesgue measure is inhomogeneous strongly extremal. At last we use the fact that friendly measure is strongly contracting measure to develop an inhomogeneous strong extreme measure which is restricted to matrices with dependent quantities