On The ωb-Compactspace

  • Hassan. A.Alshams Department of Chemistry , Education College, University of Al-Qadisiyah
  • Zain AL-abdeen Abbas Nasser Al-Qadisiyah.University,.College of.Computer Science and.Mathematics ,
Keywords: b-open,ω-open,.ωb-open,.ωb-compact, nearly ωb-compact


The.main.aim of our.paper is introduced.new.concept ofcompactspaceis.called.ωb-compact.Space,for this aim,the.concept of.b-compact space and.ω-compact space.introduced. and.find that everyis.relationships among.compact, b-compact,.ω-compact spaces..and the.converse is not  not true.in generals.and.we define.nearly -compact.space.and we prove.some.results about.subject.

Author Biography

Zain AL-abdeen Abbas Nasser, Al-Qadisiyah.University,.College of.Computer Science and.Mathematics ,

Department of Mathematics


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