Special Issue on Molecular Recognition Chemistry

Special Issue on Molecular Recognition Chemistry

 Dr. Masood Ayoub kaloo

Guest Editor 

Assistant Professor (DST-INSPIRE FACULTY)

IUST, Awantipora, Pulwama, Jammu & Kashmir-192122.

Call for Papers

In Molecular Recognition Chemistry, Interaction of any chemical entity (anion, cation, neutral molecule) with organic molecule, inorganic complex or a nonmaterial via covalent, ionic, hydrogen or anion-pi forces results in signal transduction. The interactions of these events qualitatively or quantitatively determine the chemical specie of interest. Molecular recognition chemistry provides molecular machines for environmental analysis, food analysis, water analysis, bio-system analysis, bioimaging applications, extraction of harmful species from different media, water purification, etc. The research in the field of molecular recognition provides basis for development of advanced techniques with prompt output, highly demanding in modern life.

In this issue we intend to invite front-line researchers, scientists and authors to submit their original research articles, letter and review articles on Molecular Recognition Chemistry.

The articles under this title should fall under following headings:

  • Molecular Interactions
  • Design and Synthesis of Molecular Receptors
  • Development of Nano-devices for Selective recognition
  • Receptor with NIR signal readout
  • Receptor with Solid-Phase applications
  • Recognition in Aqueous medium
  • Recognition of gaseous molecules
  • Molecular Recognition and Hydrogen Bonding
  • DFT and TD-DFT Approach in Recognition
  • Tuning of Electronic Effects in Recognition Chemistry
  • Recognition with On-site applications
  • Molecular Recognition for Extraction Applications
  • Molecular Recognition from Hydrogen-Bonding to Proton Transfer

Submission Deadline:  15 March 2018

Publication Date:         20 April 2018