• Dr Mohammad Salih Memon
  • Dr.Nadeem Ahmed Bhatti
  • Aisha Bashir Shah
  • Maria Shaikh
  • Dr.Faiz Muhammad Shaikh


The current research investigates relationship marketing enhance customer retention and cross buying in Commercial bank. Data were collected from cross section survey method. Data were analyzed by using SPSS-21 version. It was revealed that relationship marketing enhance the customers retention and satisfaction. The Chi-Square might have been used to judge those variety for watched variables to demonstrating the idle variables. Numerous regressions were utilized on provide for those Decision for the stated hypotheses. From the study, a fulfilled client won't constantly enter under a long haul relationship with the firm. However, those conferred client with level of trust enters under An long haul association for those firm. The outcomes recommend that, An long haul customer-organization association is essential in making longer-term client maintenance.


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Author Biographies

Dr Mohammad Salih Memon

Director: Industrial Liaison & Placement Bureau, Associate Professor
Business Administration (SALU) Khairpur

Dr.Nadeem Ahmed Bhatti

Training Consultant

Human Resource Department, POBOX 4143-Riyadh 11149

Saudi Arabia

Aisha Bashir Shah

Assistant Professor-IBA-University of Sindh Jamshoro

Maria Shaikh

Assistant Professor-IBA-University of Sindh Jamshoro

Dr.Faiz Muhammad Shaikh

Associate  Professor-SZABAC-Dokri


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