• Dr Mohammad Salih Memon
  • Maria Shaikh
  • Aisha Bashir Shah
  • Imtiaz Zahid
  • Dr.Faiz MuhammdShaikh
Keywords: Financing decisions; firm’s performance; ROE; ROA and Tobin’s Q.


The basic purpose of our research paper is to analyze the impact of financing decisions on the firm’s performance in Pakistani listed firms in KSE. The OLS has been employed on a sample of conveniently selected 100 pakistanilisted firms in KSE (with 600 observations) over the period of 2004 to 2009.Financing decisions are measured through debt to equity and firm’s performance measured through ROE, ROA, Tobin’s Q and market capitalization.Ourresults show that the financing decisions have no significant impact on firm’s performance in Pakistan.


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Author Biographies

Dr Mohammad Salih Memon

Director: Industrial Liaison & Placement Bureau, Associate Professor
Business Administration (SALU) Khairpur


Lecturer Sargodha University Lyallpur Campus Faisalabad


Maria Shaikh

Assistant Professor-IBA-University of Sindh Jamshoro

Aisha Bashir Shah

Assistant Professor-IBA-University of Sindh Jamshoro

Imtiaz Zahid

Lecturer Post Graduate Islamia College Faisalabad

Dr.Faiz MuhammdShaikh

Associate Professor-SZABAC-Dokri


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