Cyber Security Education: A Tool for National Security

Morufu Olalere, Dr. Victor O. Waziri, Idris Ismaila, Olawale S. Adebayo, Joel N. Ugwu


The rate at which cybercrime is being perpetrated in our society is quietly alarming, the insecurity of internet has exposed the global community and resources to this menace, many nations, organizations and individuals are becoming victims of this on daily basis. Many Individuals have lost their personal information into the hands of hackers, it is now easy for people to masquerade the identity of others, organizations lose edge to their competitors as their confidential information have been revealed, many nations are engaged in cyber war against the other, all these activities are being perpetrated on the cyberspace. As a result of these, this paper seeks to highlight the impact of cyber security education on national security by identifying its importance, to both individual and organizations and to the nation at large. We suggest introduction of Cyber Security education into the curriculum of primary and basic education of any nation.


Cybercrime, Cyberspace, Cyber Security, Cyber Security Education, Attack.

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