A Proposal on Multi-Level Security in Cloud Computing by Hybrid Approach Using Image Sequencing Password and RSA Algorithm

Ashwin Dhivakar M R, Parveen Kumar


Cloud Computing is just like a large pool, in which various accessible and virtualized resources are available. These resources include hardware, development platforms and services. In Cloud Computing, it is possible to assemble very large, powerful systems; these systems may consist of many small and inexpensive commodity components. Cloud Computing is the emerging technology, that is used for providing various computing and storage services over the Internet. It generally incorporates infrastructure, platform, and software as services. Information security is a critical issue in Cloud Computing environments. Clouds have no borders; hence the data can be physically located anywhere in any data centre across the network geographically distributed. In this paper, I work on the Cloud Computing security wherein I use the RSA algorithm to encrypt the data and image sequencing password for authentication.


Cloud Computing; Security; RSA; Image Sequencing.

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