Denial of Service on TCP/IP Security Protocols: Vulnerabilities, Tools and Countermeasures

Kamini Nalavade, B.B. Meshram


TCP/IP protocol suite, the adapted standard for communication over network, suffers from inherent vulnerabilities in the design of underlying protocols. These vulnerabilities are the main source of various attacks. Security protocols are included in the original TCP/IP suite to provide integrity, availability and confidentiality to the data moving on networks. But these security protocols are also vulnerable to different attacks such as DOS, Sniffing etc.. Denial of Service attack is an attack which makes an online information or network resource unavailable to legitimate users. This paper attempts a comprehensive study of vulnerabilities and the Denial of Service problem in security protocols such as IPSec, SSL, and PGP of TCP/IP suite.  The major contribution of this paper is that it helps to classify the different techniques used in a DoS attack, and discuss tools used in setting up a DoS attack over network. We propose architecture for Intrusion Prevention Systems for protecting information processed in Security protocols.


Network; Attacks; Vulnerabilities; Protocols and Defense

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