A Critical Study Of Existing Approaches Based On Quality Of Information Attributes And Metrics In Wireless Sensor Network

Balvinder Kumar, Dr. Shaveta Rani, Dr. Paramjeet Singh


In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) the working conditions and/or user requirements are often desired to be evolvable, whether motivated by changes of the monitored parameters or WSN properties of configuration, structure, communication capabilities, node density, and energy among many others. This paper targets the current research activities that attempt to address Quality of Information (QoI) in a manner which provides the groundwork for the design, deployment and operation of WSNs. To build a common considerate and overcome the ambiguity in different existing definitions, we provide a generic definition of QoI and briefly summarize the existing approaches declaring the building blocks they are focused and what the effects of neglecting other blocks are. We provide an analysis of the design features, solutions, pros and cons that have been adopted by current QoI frameworks and methods. We mainly propose and argue for a holistic view for QoI, and quantify the QoI as the user evolvable requirements may be not satisfied while processing the data/information from the source to the sink.


Wireless sensor networks; Quality of Information; metrics; Qualitative

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