Integration of GPS with Digital devices and Interactive objects for public safety.

  • Gar Al-nabi Ibrahim Mohamed King Abdalaziz University
  • Fisal Wahiss Althobiani King Abdulaziz University
Keywords: Key words: Emergency; community service; GPS; button; safety system; patient; disable; old men; women; children; abduction; robbery and location.



The paper demonstrated the role of GPS technology in law enforcement and public safety application areas. It presents the design, implementation, testing and verification of a simple, cheap, full proof energy source, user friendly and portable GPS-technology based safety system. The system, called “CARE system†was based on the open data sources and very cheap electronic chips available off the shelf at affordable prices. This proposed system is capable of providing a push button emergency help from different bodies assumed responsible for responding simultaneously by sending an SMS message containing the full information of the emergency location. Typical contents of this message are, the emergency geographic location, the system number, time and the link for displaying the location on an internet interactive map. The system can be fixed on the wall or a fixed stand or table near a patient or disable person. It will be portable to provide service to the moving system user. This is useful for emergencies in general and abduction for ransom and abuse emergencies in particular and demonstrates the system excellent role in law enforcement and public safety areas. The global positioning unit (GPS) integrated in the system provides the location of the user in the form of geographic coordinates, with exact UTC time. All the information delivered to the contacted bodies will be automatically updated whenever the user presses the master button or the contacted body dials the system number. This is facilitated by the GPS unit which receives the coordinates from the satellites for each and every second with time and date. This also, facilitates the moving victim tracking. The system is an excellent contribution to the quality of life improvement for humans in general and old men, women and children in particular.

Author Biography

Fisal Wahiss Althobiani, King Abdulaziz University

Department of Marine Engineering, Faculty of Maritime Studies.

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Mohamed, G. A.- nabi, & Althobiani, F. (2018). Integration of GPS with Digital devices and Interactive objects for public safety. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS & TECHNOLOGY, 17(1), 7146-7152.