• Chamanpreet Kaur Research Scholar, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, NWIET, Moga
  • Vikramjit Singh Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, NWIET, Moga
Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network, Energy saving, Protocol, Cluster Head, Node, WSN


Wireless sensor network has revolutionized the way computing and software services are delivered to the clients on demand. Our research work proposed a new method for cluster head selection having less computational complexity. It was also found that the modified approach has improved performance to that of the other clustering approaches. The cluster head election mechanism will include various parameters like maximum residual energy of a node, minimum separation distance and minimum distance to the mobile node. Each CH will create a TDMA schedule for the member nodes to transmit the data. Nodes will have various level of power for signal amplification. The three levels of power are used for amplifying the signal. As the member node will send only its own data to the cluster head, the power level of the member node is set to low. The cluster head will send the data of the whole cluster to the mobile node, therefore the power level of the cluster head is set to medium. High power level is used for mobile node which will send the data of the complete sector to the base station. Using low energy level for intra cluster transmissions (within the cluster) with respect to cluster head to mobile node transmission leads in saving much amount of energy. Moreover, multi-power levels also reduce the packet drop ratio, collisions and/ or interference for other signals. It was found that the proposed algorithm gives a much improved network lifetime as compared to existing work. Based on our model, multiple experiments have been conducted using different values of initial energy.


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