• Sheenam Kamboj Research Scholar, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, SBSSTC, Ferozepur, Punjab.
  • Mr. Navtej Singh Ghumman Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, SBSSTC, Ferozepur, Punjab.
Keywords: Cloud Computing, Load Balacing, Virtual Machine, Data Center, Data Center Broker


An essential role of cloud computing platform is to dynamically balance the load among the different servers in order to   improve resource utilization and to avoid hotspots. Load balancing (LB) is done on both sides i.e. on provider as well as on consumer side. On provider side, load balancing is the problem of allocating virtual machines to servers at runtime. Virtual Machine need to be reassigned so that servers do not get overloaded as demand changes. On consumer side application load can be balanced which provides efficiency to the consumers. On cloud computing platform, load balancing of the entire system can be  dynamically handled  by  using  virtualization  technology through which it  becomes  possible  to  remap  virtual  machine  and physical resources  according  to  the  change  in  load. However, in order to improve performance, the virtual machines have to fully utilize its resources and services by adapting to computing environment dynamically.  The  load balancing  with  proper  allocation  of  resources  must  be guaranteed  in  order  to  improve  resource  utility.
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Kamboj, S., & Ghumman, M. N. S. (2016). LOAD BALANCING IN CLOUD ENVIRONMENT: A REVIEW. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS & TECHNOLOGY, 15(8), 6986-6990. https://doi.org/10.24297/ijct.v15i8.1504

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