February 24, 2017

Special Issues

Special Issue articles should fulfil all the normal requirements of any individual article, and should be of relevance to a wide international and multidisciplinary readership. Authors should note that the same criteria of quality, originality, and significance apply to articles in Special Issues as to regular articles. Special Issue articles must not consist of overviews of the authors’ previously published work e.g. peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, official reports etc.

Steps to publish Special Issue:

1. Carefully read Guidelines for Special Issues and Copyright Notice
2. Sign Special Issues copyright & agreement.
3. Format all articles with the template of CIRWORLD.
4. Email all articles to editor@cirworld.com.
5. Email review reports of all articles to editor@cirworld.com.
6. Pay Special Issue publication fee: usd 100 per article
(Pay in USD)
(Indians only)
Bank Transfer
(For those who are unable 
to pay with Paypal or CCavenue)
7. finalize publication
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