March 28, 2017

Article Sharing

Authors who publish in KHALSA PUBLICATIONS journals with article sharing policy can share their research by posting a free draft copy of their article to a repository or website. Researchers who have subscribed access to articles published by KHALSA PUBLICATIONS can share too. There are some simple guidelines to follow, which vary depending on the article version you wish to share.

  • Preprint
  • Accepted manuscript
  • Published article
  • Help and support


  • Authors can share their preprint anywhere at any time.
  • If accepted for publication, we encourage authors to link from the preprint to their formal publication via its Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
  • Authors can update their preprints on arXiv or RePEc with their accepted manuscript .

Please note:

Preprints should not be added to or enhanced in any way in order to appear more like, or to substitute for, the final versions of articles.

Accepted Manuscript

Authors can share their accepted manuscript:


  • via their non-commercial personal homepage or blog
  • by updating a preprint in arXiv or RePEc with the accepted manuscript
  • via their research institute or institutional repository for internal institutional uses or as part of an invitation-only research collaboration work-group
  • directly by providing copies to their students or to research collaborators for their personal use
  • for private scholarly sharing as part of an invitation-only work group on commercial sites with which KHALSA PUBLICATIONS has an agreement

After the embargo period

  • via non-commercial hosting platforms such as their institutional repository
  • via commercial sites with which KHALSA PUBLICATIONS has an agreement

In all cases accepted manuscripts should:

  • link to the formal publication via its DOI
  • bear a CC-BY license.
  • if aggregated with other manuscripts, for example in a repository or other site, be shared in alignment with our hosting policy
  • not be added to or enhanced in any way to appear more like, or to substitute for, the published journal article

Published Journal Article

  • If you are an author, please share a link to your article rather than the full-text. Millions of researchers have access to the formal publications on KHALSA PUBLICATIONS, and so links will help your users to find, access, cite, and use the best available version
  • If you are affiliated with a library that subscribes to KHALSA PUBLICATIONS you have additional private sharing rights for others’ research accessed under that agreement.
  • May be shared according to the author-selected end-user license and should contain a CrossMark logo, the end user license, and a DOI link to the formal publication on KHALSA PUBLICATIONS.

Help and Support In Article Sharing

  • If you would like any additional information about this policy please Contact Us
  • For further information about hosting content see our hosting policy
  • For further information on Creative Commons licenses see the website.
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