April 9, 2016


KHALSA PUBLICATIONS works in partnership with the research community, librarians, funders and other stakeholders to develop policies to help our customers and clarify our position on key issues. Our policies include:

Accessibility Copyright Publishing Ethics
Policy to make our products fully accessible to all users, regardless of physical abilities Outlines authors rights when publishing with KHALSA PUBLICATIONS Duties of Editors, Reviewers, Authors and of the Publisher.
Article withdrawal CrossMark Custom publications
Policy for article removal or retractions Policy to maintain the integrity and completeness of the scholarly record Global standards for Health Sciences’ custom publications & commercial activities
Digital archive Editorial independence Hosting  Content
Policy on the permanent availability and preservation of published content Policy on independent editorial decisions Details CIRWORLD‘s approach towards hosting of content published by CIRWORLD
Patient consent Privacy Open access licenses
Policy on the use of personal information of patients or other individuals Principles on data privacy Policy for user licenses on open access articles
Pricing Sharing articles
Details about price setting for open access and subscription options CIRWORLD‘s policy on article sharing
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