April 18, 2017

Author Benefits of publishing Open Access

Author BenefitsCIRWORLD follows an Open Access publication model that enables benefits to its readers to access the published articles free of cost thereby guaranteeing wider audience for reading, reprinting, distributing to facilitate academic and research activities.

Author Benefits

» Abstracts and full texts (HTML, XML and PDF format) of all articles published by CIRWORLD can be accessed freely, immediately after its publication.

» All publications made by CIRWORLD International are in accordance to the terms of Open Access Creative Commons Attribution License. This permits anyone to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work, provided that the original source is appropriately cited.

» Provides an opportunity to publish and access articles of related sub-specialties. We strongly believe that removing barriers on the way to scientific research leads to multidimensional progress in the research of Clinical, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Chemistry, and Management disciplines.

» Citations are easy to track through Google metrics and other citation measurement tools available online.

» CIRWORLD’s open access journals are listed in dozens of highly acclaimed indexing databases which helps in enhancing the scientific credibility of the journals and the articles published in it.

» CIRWORLD International also supports the Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing

» CIRWORLD Scholarly Journals strictly adhere to standard peer review process before accepting any citable manuscript for publication.

» CIRWORLD journals maintain up to date database, with all the latest developments in the respective fields and thus ensures the manuscripts published in our journals reaches its readers directly through e-mail.

» CIRWORLD provides options for easy on-line tracking of manuscripts throughout the publication process starting from reviewing, acceptance/non-acceptance and payment. Archived online publications of CIRWORLD International provide the International scientific community an immediate and permanent access to individual research articles.

» CIRWORLD journals also accept Letters to the Editors and Brief comments that contribute to previously published articles.

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