JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES 2017-11-27T06:24:59+00:00 Chief Editor Open Journal Systems An open access, scholarly, online, peer-reviewed, monthly, fully refereed International journal. FLEXURAL STRENGTHENING OF REINFORCED HPC BEAMS INCORPORATED WITH BY-PRODUCTS 2017-11-27T06:24:59+00:00 T. Subbulakshmi B. Vidivelli <p>High performance concrete (HPC) shows better performance when compared to conventional concrete. The concrete having industrial by-products of silica fume, bottom ash and steel slag aggregate distinguished that the structural manner of reinforced concrete beams related to cracking behaviour and load strain manner is investigated in the present study. The beams were designed to have concrete strength of cube compression was 30 – 40 N/mm<sup>2</sup><sub>. </sub>The cracking behaviour, strain distribution and ductility have been studied throughout their flexural loading range, and their mode of failure.</p> 2017-11-27T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF MEASURES TO CARE CULTURES OF BLACK PINE (Lat. Pinus Nigra) 2017-11-27T06:23:21+00:00 Severin Šikanja <p>Cleaning the lower (ground) parts of a tree branch is an important measure of the breeding in&nbsp; terms of technology and&nbsp; economics. This measure of care is provided by the high quality of the first tree and reciprocal to&nbsp; the higher income. The authors examine the technical and technological components, and economic effects, highlighting the specificity of the translation results in a tree, in particular.</p> 2017-11-27T06:14:59+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##