JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN BIOTECHNOLOGY 2017-10-31T07:43:31+00:00 Chief Editor Open Journal Systems An open access, scholarly, online, peer-reviewed, monthly, fully refereed International journal. Technical sheet of influence of Freeze-Dried Yeast Starter Cultures on Volatile Compounds of Tchapalo, a Traditional Sorghum Beer from Côte d’Ivoire 2017-06-20T05:09:43+00:00 COULIBALY Wahauwouélé Hermann BOUATENIN Koffi Maizan Jean-Paul KOUAME Kohi Alfred RIGOU Peggy <p>The production of the Ivorian sorghum beer known as tchapalo remains more or less an empirical process. The use of starter cultures was therefore suggested as the appropriate approach to alleviate the problems of variations inorganoleptic quality and microbiological stability. In this study, we evaluated the capacity of <em>S. cerevisiae</em> and <em>C. tropicalis</em> to produce sorghum beer as freeze-dried starter in mixed or pure cultures. Beers produced with mixed freeze-dried cultures of <em>S. cerevisiae</em> F12-7 and <em>C. tropicalis</em> C0-7 showed residual sugars and ethanol contents similar to beers obtained with S. cerevisiae F12-7 pure culture, but the total sum of organic acids analyzed was the highest with the mixed culture (15.71 g/L). Higher alcohols were quantitatively the largest group of volatile compounds detected in beers. Among these compounds, 2-phenyl ethanol, a higher alcohol that plays an important role in beer flavor, was highly produced with the mixed culture (10174.8 µg/L) than with the pure culture (8749.9 µg/L).</p> 2017-06-20T05:08:55+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Hemoglobin A1C as an indicator of the accuracy of blood glucose measurement: comparative study of three technologies used for blood glucose measurements 2017-08-09T05:45:16+00:00 Hassan Almarshad <h1>In previous studies, the accuracy of glucose measurements were found with significant variations in different self-monitoring devices. This study suggests Hemoglobin a1c (Hba1c) to be used as as an indicator for the accuracy of blood-glucose monitoring devices. In this study, the association between the readings of glycohematoglobin HbA1C and the hyperglycemic readings of thirty hyperglycemic patients is used as an indicator of the accuracy of three types of glucometer devices. The association between hyperglycemic readings and the percentage of HbA1C for the same patients was investigated. The results showed significant association between levels of blood glucose and the percentage of HbA1C in three devices with statistically significant ( p &lt; 0.05). Such relationship is suggested to be used as a relative accuracy of various types of blood glucose self-monitoring devices. </h1> 2017-08-09T05:45:16+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Chitosans from Rhizopus stolonifer (strain CBMAI 1551): Characterization and Dense Film Formation 2017-10-31T07:43:31+00:00 Douglas Henrique Cardoso Thiago Ferreira da Conceição Admir Jose Giachini Marcio Jose Rossi <p>Chitosan is a bioactive amino polymer with wide applications. Mainly derived from chitin of marine sources, its traditional production still has some drawbacks such as irregular supply, low quality of product and lack of standardization. Farther, extraction processes are time-consuming with considerable environmental impacts, an extremely non-green process. Many works have shown the possibility of producing native chitosan from Mucorales fungi, which is more easily extracted. Such process is advantageous due to low costs, process control and great possibility of high quality products. Moreover, the extraction of chitosan is faster and generates less pollutants. In this scenario, the possibility of standardized production allied with facilitated extraction and less probability of toxicological side effects from marine sources are characteristics that motivated this work. A Mucorales isolate was cultured and the chitosans – native and semi-synthetic – obtained through heterogeneous extraction were compared. Results show substantial differences between them. Those differences are related to the processes required for extraction, yield, productivity, and quality. This work reinforces that Mucorales fungi excel as an alternative for chitosan production.</p> 2017-10-31T07:32:08+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##