JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN HUMANITIES An open access, scholarly, online, peer-reviewed, monthly, fully refereed International journal. CIRWORLD en-US JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN HUMANITIES 2349-4379 <p><a title="Copyright Notice" href="" target="_blank">Copyright Notice</a></p> Tunisian Democratic Transition : Dynamics of Conflict and Reconciliation <p>This research examines Tunisian democratic transition and underlines the extent to which Tunisian political elite engaged in a democratic political practice. The Tunisian revolution, often referred to as the “Jasmine Revolution”, offered a great opportunity to leave behind a gloomy past tainted by long years of despotism and to lay the foundations of popular, representative and direct governance deeply rooted in people desire for freedom and justice. Accordingly, the research will first analyze the new political landscape and the major political powers contributing to the unfolding democratic transition. Second, the relationship between these actors will be underlined by discussing their approaches to democracy and their willingness to inaugurate a stable and sustained democracy that fits with a unique Tunisian model.</p> Rafaa Chehoudi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-04-19 2017-04-19 5 1 603 609 10.24297/jah.v5i1.5907 Social media revolution - The new digital frontiers of Journalism <p>Social media has become a phenomenon with the advent of technology and rapid rise in the reach across the world. It has made inroads in almost every sphere of business, communication and marketing.</p> <p>Post globalization, Indian media industry has witnessed a sea change and revamped itself tremendously to be part of changing global scenario.&nbsp; Social media today, has become an integral part of the media industry, whether it is news deliverance, marketing or advertising. The social media revolution has changed and will continue to change journalism and news organizations.</p> <p>Social media as a powerful tool has been realized largely across Indian Media industry, its</p> <p>importance is no longer debated. Therefore, the Indian media has successfully embraced social media technology and digital shift to widen and expanding their reach and exposure. The business strategies have widened and given a facelift; the social media platform has been effectively efficient used for expanding their business networks, whether news deliverance, advertising or other user generated content.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;This paper aims at examining and exploring the role, growth and challenges of digital and Social media with a case study approach on Indian Media Industry.&nbsp;</p> Kaveri Devi Mishra ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-09-13 2017-09-13 5 1 610 620 10.24297/jah.v5i1.6068 Social Media a Promotional Tool: Hotel Industry <p>The advent of new technology such as the social media has become one of the important business imperative. It has altered marketing strategies of growing&nbsp; hotel industry.&nbsp; Its interactivity and accessibility qualify it as one of the most cost effective marketing tools today. With growing competition and demand hoteliers need to rethink their strategy at each level of business model and also need to align its strategies with customer requirement. This research seeks to explore use of social media by business hotels in NCR and customers perspective in context to usage and advantages of social media. The results and limitations of the study and future directions of research are discussed</p> Dr. Manish Verma Dr Komal Verma ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-09-15 2017-09-15 5 1 221 223 10.24297/jah.v5i1.6159 Improving Entrepreneurial Innovations for Sustaining Small Medium Hospitality Industry Growth in Ghana <p>This study talks about improving entrepreneurial innovations of small medium hospitality industry (SMHI) in other to sustain it growth in Ghana<strong>.</strong> Successful stories about SMEs exist but are rare and this causes pauses for concern. Many researchers have established that innovations bring several benefits in countries that are industrialized. Responses from SMHI managers/owners indicate they totally agree small medium hospitality industry is better in relation to one’s determination to introduces new service styles and product, good customer service, innovative in selling/ marketing and confidence in trying new service styles. We therefore, recommend management step up their innovative abilities by taking pride in customer needs /customer satisfaction as this will earn small medium hotels new and repeat customers in a highly perishable and competitive business environment.</p> Adelaide Spio-Kwofie Hu Xuhua Michael Addai Henry Asante-Antwi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-12-08 2017-12-08 5 1 224 228 10.24297/jah.v5i1.6460