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The Council for Innovative Research (CIR ) is formed in 2006 by an intellectual group of Researchers, Scholars and Experts.  CIR is on ground over 87 countries of the world and is having 9000+ members associated with it and working up constantly to expand its services throughout the world.

CIR provides the users with the peer reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines. CIR houses a range of 20 journals and takes pride in being distinguished providers of quality and originality. All the journals of CIR are peer reviewed and published in a manner to ensure the quality of research work is maintained to the highest precision.


CIR aims to provide the best services to all its authors and readers and to promote the knowledge transfer among research communities. CIR is dedicated to advancing knowledge through the dissemination of research information by using open access model.  It contributes to the development of scientists, scholars, researchers, learned societies, Universities and research institutions in their different fields.

CIR JOURNAL: View the complete lists of Journals


Come and join hands with CIR to stay in touch with a world of opportunities and advancement in technology and make most of the exclusive membership benefits. The membership program offers active support to individuals as well as institutions. CIR members enjoy immediate and easy access to its services.


CIR subscription let you stay current with latest technical information, networking opportunities, career development tools, and provides many other exclusive benefits.

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